ERP Based School Management Software’s Scope In India

The evolution of education sector through all these years has witnessed some significant changes in the field. Due to the technological progress in the field of education, the traditional method of classroom learning is changed to online learning. The digital learning process forced the education institutions to adapt ERP based school management system to manage the administration works such as attendance, student enrollment and registration, online learning, online fees payment, digital assignments. The software helps to minimise the manual work and digitise the working process of an institution.

The ERP Based School Management Software consists of various modules to manage the entire activity of a school & students like admission, timetable, examination, messages, fee collection, reports, transport, library, events etc. It reduces the functions of Administrators, teachers, staff, and others by providing a platform for them to monitor various activities of an institution.

Below are the reasons how ERP based Management Software improves the education system:

The Software helps the institution to work efficiently and effortlessly

School ERP solutions are precise and impart an assurity of less human error and mistakes. School ERP makes the entire system automated and ensures that the administration and school management processes are simplified, precise and quicker. This enables the schools to focus more on education. The ERP software takes care of all the day to day activity of the school. From collecting fee to publishing report card of the students, the ERP manages all. School security management, timetable management, teacher attendance management, admission management, fee system management among many others are the additional features of a ERP based school management system.

It helps bridge the gap between parents and teachers

The ERP based School Management Software has a feature which help parents, teachers and the school administrators stay connected. It provides a better communication between parents and the school. Bulk SMS, email or special notifications are used to send reminders about school activities before they happen, during or after. Such communications are made possible through the software without any hassle. It keeps them updated on all the various activities going in their ward’s academic life. Additionally, it assure parents about the security of their children by sending them SMS alerts and timely updates about the school bus, the attendance of their children etc. The software builds a trust between parents and the school.

The process of E-Learning

The tough times of corona has forced the world to adapt to the online learning system- E Learning. Online classes, online attendance, online assignments, online exams, etc have become a part of students’ as well as teachers’ academic life. The ERP based school management software has various module to fulfill the requirement of the teachers and students. The modules present in the software serves as an online classroom for various academic activities. The teachers can mark the attendance of the students, make lesson planner and timeline, take online classes, share notes, lecture videos, assignments, set the assignment deadline, correct and grade the papers, publish results etc. The students can attend the online classes, submit assignments, access the reading material, give online tests etc. All these activities are managed efficiently by the software.

It works towards Employee Management

The employee management task is made easy with the ERP based school management system. A School Management Software effectively and fluidly manage workers tasks and activities. It eases the staff attendance process. At the end of the month, the software is able to calculate the amount of salary of staff based on their attendance and send their wages based on the results, automatically. Moreover, payments are made with a single click directly to their bank account. All the meetings’ reminder are sent to their devices via sms or email alerts.

It secures the DATA of an institution

Data security is one of the main concerns of any institution. ERP based school management software creates a safe and a secure learning environment for students as well as for the others involved in the process. It ensures that an account is with its right user, and the account is not being operated by someone else. All the users have their own login credentials for their account. The data stored with the software is backed up on a secure cloud-service every hour. Therefore no data is lost.

All the above mentioned points make ERP based school management software a secure platform for learning.

An All Purpose School Management App: USMConnect

An educational institution has hundreds of activities to take care of. Manually managing all the academic activities can prove to be laborious as well as are prone to errors. The administration and the teachers are overloaded with paperwork, so it’s difficult to keep track of all the processes, monitor student progress, and support and effective and easy connections between parents, teachers, and students. An effective communication between each and every part of an education system leads to effective and joyful education.

To make the entire process education hassle free and to enrich communication between school administration, parents and students, VBelabs has an all purpose mobile app- USMConnect. The App is compatible with android as well as with iOS. This app is a complete one step ERP software solution for educational institutes and parents. It can easily meet the needs of the institution, parents, and students.

It is an App for teachers, where they can create lesson schedules, lesson plans, grade students, track their attendance and behavior , where they can easily communicate with students, where they can send reminders, assignments, homework, share useful resources, and create discussion groups.. It is also an App for parents , where parents can join their child’s learning process, track kids activities, and receive reminders about upcoming school events. This App connect schools, teachers, organizations, and parents. Schools can post their school projects, communicate with each other, collaborate and share their ideas about lesson structure and creative teaching.

Key Features Of USMConnect App


Timetable management in USMConnect is an advanced feature. It has been helping schools and colleges in scheduling and managing timetables flawlessly. In a single click, admin can allocate a substitute teacher to the class in case the teacher is absent, automatic timetable management system promotes the paperless environment and simplifies the work of the admin. Teachers can check their timetable by logging in their USM account and plan accordingly. Students can also check their complete timetable for the week or for a specific day. Also a notification is instantly sent to teachers and students if the timetable changes for any reason.

News and Events

All the current events and news related to the school activities are updates on the USMConnect app. Parents, teachers and students are always well informed about the tasks happening in the institute. In a single click all the details of the events of the institute can be obtained through the app.

Examination and Report Card

Examinations are an integral part in the process of learning. USMConnect app helps the educational institutions to manage their examinations online. The examination module present in the app allows the teacher or the admin to create examination for the whole class. The system provides a secure way to conduct online examinations for multiple students at any point of time. The teachers are supposed to create a question paper for their respective subjects and upload it to the software. A question paper can be a multiple choice question (mcq) paper, a quiz or a descriptive question paper. This software provides multiple format for a question paper. The question paper is then uploaded and thousands of students can access it in a given time slot. After the examination, a detailed Report card of the students is generates where a student can see the marks scored and can also analyse his mistakes. The report card of the students are confidentially generated and the data remains secured.

Assignments Management

Managing Assignments is made easy with USMConnect for teachers as well as for the students. When a teacher logs in to the USM’s account and wants to issue assignments to the students, then he/she can do that efficiently. USM’s assignment management is well equipped and easy to operate. It Distributes assignment to whole class or a group of particular students. It also Keeps a track on deadline & monitors the progress of shared assignment. One can also attach any document, video, image, pdf along with task. The app Instantly shares the result with students, it also add remarks to encourage them. But most importantly this method Reduces the paper wastage.

SMS/Push Notification

The app ensures that there is an unbreakable communication between school and the students/parents. A strong network of communication allows great success in the learning process. Sms/Push notification feature keeps the employees as well as the student/parent up to dated with the school activities. Important notifications are instantly send regarding fees pending status, student absentees reminder, upcoming event reminder, emergency holiday update, student progress notification, upcoming examination, result announcement, latest news update etc

Leave Management

Leave Management is an important process of the administration for any organisation. USMConnect’s Leave management is effortless and very easy to use. . It lets the administration keep track of employees leave application. Staff can submit their leave requests online and can view their leave requests online. They can view types of leave and number of leave and can apply accordingly. The administration can grant or deny the leave application. The employee can thus view the progress of their application and will be notified via USMconnect app.

Attendance Management

Managing Attendance is an everyday task for every educational institution. And with USMConnect App teachers can quickly and accurately and effortlessly record the attendance of the student and at the same time can produce the reports of every student in a single click. It also provides a convenient way to track the attendance of students either subject wise or for the whole day. Attendance during examinations can also be marked and tracked via app. With USMConnect one can mark the attendance for staff and students in a single click

Lesson Planner

Lesson planner is one of the most important feature for teachers as well as for students in the USMConnect App. It allows the teacher to plan the subject according to a specific time frame. It simplifies the work of a teacher by guiding her throughout the academic year. Prior lesson planning increases a teacher’s success in the process of teaching and learning. A student can also access the lesson planner with his USMConnect account. it helps the student to think in an organised manner. It provides a goal for the student as well as for the teacher, which has to achieved during an academic year.

Study Material

Study Material feature available in USMConnect app enables the user to get the study material used by the teachers in the class. Students can log in to their USM account and can access the materials for their own understanding and learning. Previous year’s question paper are uploaded on the app and can be accessed for revision purposes. This feature available on the app proves to be beneficial for the students as well as for the teachers. One of the noticeable advantages of sharing study material online is that there is no wastage of paper and is eco friendly.

Online Classes and Lectures

Online education is the need of the hour! With the USMConnect app the process of learning has become effortless. The app allows the students to attend classes from anywhere and everywhere. All a user need is a device and internet connection. Classes and Lectures can be attended with comfort and from the safety of one’s home. Notification is sent to the students or participants before class or lecture, which proves to be convenient and works as a reminder.


Photo Gallery in USMConnect app is used to post pictures of events happened in the school/college. The administration can post the pictures of latest events like annual day, seminar, conference etc that happened in the institution and can select the employees, students from departments and batches to share them with. Sharing pictures with employees or students is now made easy with the USMConnect app.

This product by VBelabs is a boon for all the educational institutions (schools in particular) who wish to scrap away the orthodox hard copy way of management, record keeping and all the related processes and procedures. Inspired by the Digital India dream, we have come up with a novel way of making school management a far more convenient and paperless affair.


Security breach of a school’s data not only affect students but also parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff to avert financial loss, physical or psychological damage or even threats to individuals’ lives. And school/college cannot compromise on the data loss of its community. A school/college has to take safety measures to ensure the security of the data of the people involved directly or indirectly with the institution. In such a scenario, USM, a school management software with advanced data encryption features, can be a beneficial instrument for school/college administrators. 

What is Data Security? And, why is it important?

Data Security is a set of standards and security measures to keep the stored data, for instance user’s personal information, bank details among other things, safe and immune to external tampering. All business platforms nowadays operate mainly on data, which includes sensitive information concerning its clients, and therefore, it needs to be protected. At USM, data security is of immense importance to us, that’s why we keep our security system rigorous and comply with the set measures, which entails the secure storage of your data.

USM creates a safe and a secure learning environment for students as well as for the others involved in the process.

The Highlights of USM’s Data Security are

Account Security– Since USM uses a role-based security system, USM also ensures that an account is with its right user, and the account is not being operated by someone else. All the users have their own login credentials for their account.

Deployed on secured SSL – USM is deployed on SSL(Secure Sockets Layer), which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client

Database backup – The data stored with USM is backed up on a secure cloud-service every hour. Therefore no data is lost.

Role-Based Security – USM employs a role-based security system, whereby the school administrators assign certain roles to its employees, each of which comes with a certain set of permissions as to what one can or cannot see in the database.

School data is only your data – The data stored by the school administration on USM would be stored only for the purpose of school’s use. USM, by no means, intend to modify, use or disclose the school’s data.

Secure school parent communication – USM ensures a secure channel for any communication between the school and the parents, in which no third party is allowed to participate. All the data and information remains confidential between the parties involved.

Tracking of loggings– USM tracks all the loggings of its system. It records the users information who logs in to the USM software. If an unauthorised user tries to log in to the USM account, then a message is sent to the authority which then ensures the safety of the site.

Privacy – USM takes as its responsibility that the private information regarding the client remain private and are not accessible to anyone the user doesn’t want to access.

Follow GDPR policies – To keep your data secure, USM regularly updates its security measures and complies with the latest GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies stipulated by the concerned authorities.

Encrypt the confidential data – USM encrypts the data stored in its database. That means, the data gets stored in an encoded form, which cannot be read by anyone.

Examination Management in USM

An examination is an assessment aimed at measuring students’ skills, aptitude, or knowledge in one or more topics of study. A test can be administered either on paper or verbally. Examination test students’ understanding of concepts which eventually measure their academic progress.

The technology has entered each and every possible field. it has also impacted the education industry of the world. With the digitisation of education institutions, examinations are also digitised. Examination Management System initiates the whole process of examination. From setting the question paper to publishing report cards of the students, from uploading the reading material online for the students to taking attendance of the students, the Examination Management system manages all the process of an examination in an online platform.

Characteristics Of USM’s Examination System

1. Grading System- Schools have different grading system to portray the progress of the student in an academic year. USM is well sufficient in giving well known and accepted grading standards to the schools. This includes CCE(Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation), GPA(Grade Point Average), CWA(Course Weighted Average), ICSE(Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), and Normal grading standards. In USM, the user can select more than one grading system within a single institution if needed. The grade books of the students will be generated based on the grading system selected while creating the courses. 

2. Conduction of examinations online- USM provides a secure way for the conduction of online exams. Also multiple students can take an exam at any given time with USM. Teachers upload the question paper of their respective subjects days or hours before the exam. And Students can access the questions and start answering at the aforementioned time. Once the exam time ends the answers get submitted.

3. Report cards- Customising Report cards with USM is also an easy task. Report cards are generated once the examination ends. Based on different grading system, different report cards are generated. The report cards are then sent to the parents and the students.

4. Import marks of the students- Teachers manually enter the marks of the student. USM provides an easy alternative to decrease the workload. It has a bulk import feature where the exam scores can be imported from a CSV file.

5. Communication and announcements related to exams- The inbuilt communication system of USM allows to send notifications to the students and parents along with the publication of examination dates and the schedule. The alerts will be received as SMS or email and also parents can view the upcoming examinations from their USMConnect mobile app.

The Process Of Scheduling An Exam

Pre- examination

1. Creating Courses and Batches- Administration or teachers create different batches or courses. And then batch or course wise conduct different types of examination

2. Defining Grading System- The Administration has to define the grading system of the Institution. The user can choose one or more than one grading systems for the institution if required. And then while creating a new course or batch, select the grading system that has to be applied for the course.

3. Exam Group- After defining the grading system for the course, the next important task is to create an exam group.  After creating the exam group, the user has to select the subjects that are to be included in recently made examination group. Mention the subject’s maximum and minimum marks, date with start and end timings for each subject exam, etc.

4. Examination Timetable- Before the commencement of exam, an exam schedule is made by the teachers or he administration. Pre-created examination’s schedule provide the students ample amount of time for preparation. This examination schedule is then made available for the students and parents in the USMConnect app.

During Exam

1. Marking Attendance of the students- The Attendance Module of USM helps the teacher to mark the attendance of the student with just one click. The completely digitized process lets you store all data at a single place.

Post Examination

1. Generating Report cards- Once the examination is over, the subject teachers enter the marks of the students. . Once the marks are entered, a report card is generated with informations such as attendance of the students, marks of all the subjects and remarks from the teacher. After generating report cards, notification is sent to the parents and students and they can access the result on the app.

School Budget Plan With Ultimate School Management System.

A budget transforms an institution’s goals into its reality. A budget plans the expenses and revenues of an institution and compares its income and expenses of the past years and accordingly sets a goal for the present as well as for the future. A well planned budget provides a forecast of revenues and expenditures, and also enables the actual financial operation of the business to be measured against the forecast.

Why does an educational institution need a budget?

By maintaining a budget , the school management can analyse the expenditure and incomes of school/college in order to plan efficiently the current academic year and achieve the goals envisioned by the Institution. A budget portrays a picture of how the money is utilised and note the transactions made by the institution. The budget of the institution gives management an overview of the coming academic year. It avoids various unnecessary expenses of the institution. Setting up and adhering to a budget helps educational institutions make profits or generate surpluses from the funds available to them.

Expenses vs Incomes

Most schools and other educational institutions receive money from the government or funds received from local governments in the form of donations. An educational institution is said to be financially strong when its expenditures are less than its income. The funds received by an institution is used for mainly two purposes-

  1. Educational expenditure such as departmental financial plans, Exam costs etc.
  2. Non-educational expenditure like change of office hardware, gardening, decoration etc.

The expenses directly or indirectly done on/by the school can be balanced by the income received by the school in the form of donation, prizes or other sources. Before using the institution’s capital, the administration should ensure that the information on expenditure and revenue from previous years is correct. The budget of previous years proves to be helpful in maintaining a budget for the current year. And according to previous year’s budget the administration can plan the financial years for the future and can predict the budgets of subsequent years. The administration can make small strategic changes over longer periods of time and by making these changes will ensure a better future of the institution. It also gives a greater control over funds so that sudden cuts are a thing of the past.

Aim Of A Budget

The main aim of maintaining a budget should be clear to the administration. The objective can span from student values and school facilities to exam results and a more efficient institution. The objectives should balance with the resources require to achieve the goal, and the subsequent expenditure required to meet them.

Technological help to maintain a budget for an educational institution can prove to be helpful and efficient. USM fulfils the requirement of Finance module to maintain the budget of the institution.

Case Study: How USM helped St. Joseph’s Residential School in automating their daily school activities and also helped them to save their Time and Cost?

St. Joseph’s Residential School is a Sr. Secondary English medium school opened and administered by the St. Joseph’s Mission Birsinghpur Pali(M.P) to provide better educational facilities in a homely atmosphere to the children of the citizens of India. It was founded with a focus to provide a holistic education with a strong sense of values, combining academic excellence, state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities matching the global standards. They wanted to establish an institution that would provide education in imaginative, creative and positive ways to bring out the best in the students of different learning and performing abilities. They wanted to establish a community where children can discover who they are and where their interests lie, giving them an opportunity to utilize their energies positively. The institution envisaged an atmosphere where they would have the courage to take their minds for a walk and ask questions; a comfort zone where they would think and relax.

Challenges faced by the school:

  1. Manually managing all the school records and data was not only a time-consuming process for school administration but there was always a risk of getting records damaged or lost.

2. The school had hundreds of admission inquiries daily. St. joseph school looked for a platform which can collect, sort, and manage all the data at a single system and thus save time and labor cost.

3. As the number of admission increased, the fee collection process became more difficult and time-consuming. The school was not able to keep a record of all paid and non-paid transactions, nor were they able generate electronic receipts.

4. Earlier the school practiced a conventional method of maintaining attendance and timetable for all the classes of the school. This consumed a lot of time and efforts of the admin as well as of the teachers

5. The school’s staff management system lacked efficiency. Previously it was very chaotic to maintain the payroll structure of each teaching and non-teaching staff.

6. Managing the school transportation manually was also a handful job for the administration.

7. St. joseph school lacked effective communication between parents and the school. The important news related to the school did not reach to the parents on time.

8. Also managing homeworks, assignments, and examinations of various classes proved to be tiresome and ineffective.

USM helped St. Joseph’s school to automate the organization. All the operations of the institution were digitised to improve the overall performance and the efficiency of the school. USM software consisted of various modules to manage the entire activity of the school & students, like admission, timetable, examination, messages, fee collection, reports, transport, library, events etc. It reduced the functions of Administrators, teachers, staff, and others by providing a platform for them to monitor various activities of the institution.

USM’s solution to overcome all the challenges faced by the Institution:

1. USM offered a unique solution by providing a software that can store and back up all the school’s data on one platform. It helped them store records or documents in a single location & authorized staff to easily access all records from anywhere at any time.

2. The whole process of admission is digitized in USM. The chaotic process of queuing in the admissions queue is simplified and the software also improves the efficiency of administration by processing the admissions online.

3. The recording of fees and the generation of receipts in the school has been simplified and digitized with the school USM. It provides a platform that enables parents to pay fees online. All due dates and fines for late payments are also automated according to predefined rules and sent to the parents via the software.

4. The timetable module in USM helped in creating and managing different types of timetables. Teachers and administrators can create timetables using timetable module. The generated timetables will be available as class timetable, teacher timetable, and institutional timetable.

5. USM effectively and smoothly manages the tasks and activities of employees. It facilitates the whole process of managing the employee salary. At the end of the month, the software calculates the employees’ salary based on their attendance and automatically sends their salary based on the results. Moreover, payments are made directly to the employee’s bank account with a single click.

6. USM has a function that enables the school administration to track the transport vehicle (school bus). This is an enormous advantage for the school, as it can monitor the routes of its transport vehicle. This feature reduces parents’ anxiety about their child’s safety and restores parents’ confidence in the school.

7. The software has a feature that helps parents, teachers and the school administration stay connected. It enables better communication between parents and school. Bulk SMS, e-mail or special notifications are used to send reminders of school activities such as examination, holidays, fee payments etc. Such communications are easily enabled by the software.

8. It also provides a platform where students can download, upload or submit a homework assignment or homework, notes and project work. The software makes the process easier for students who want to refer back to the old assignments or notes for study or other purposes. USM also allows institutions to manage data related to coursework, quizzes, tests and exams, and to generate reports to evaluate student performance. The system is built around academic goals to improve student learning and outcomes and help St. Joseph’s school make informed decisions.

Since the entire learning process is digitalized, manual work is reduced, which ultimately saves time and money. Everything is managed online, from the admission procedure to the creation of students’ certificates. USM worked effortlessly and efficiently to reduce the workload of St. Joseph’s Residential School.

How A School Management System Manages An Institution.

A School Management System automates the organization. All the operations of an institution are digitised to improve the overall performance and the efficiency of the school/college. A school management software consists of various modules to manage the entire activity of a school & students like admission, timetable, examination, messages, fee collection, reports, transport, library, events etc. It reduces the functions of Administrators, teachers, staff, and others by providing a platform for them to monitor various activities of an institution.

There are several other benefits of a School Management System. The main aim is to ease the whole process of administering and learning. However the top advantages of a School Management system are mentioned below:

Ease in Attendance Reporting- Marking a student’s attendance is an important task for any educational institution. The software is able to provide a wide variety of reports on attendance by class, individual student, gender etc for the whole term. Some systems even send an SMS to a parent as soon as a child is marked absent.

Easy Fee Payment– The fee collection and receipt generation in a school can be simplified and digitized with school management software. It provides a platform that allows parents to make fee payments online. All due dates and fines for late payments are also automated as per pre-set rules and intimated to parents through the software.

Better Exam Management– Managing Examinations is one of the essential features and importance of school management systems. The examination module allows the teacher to upload the question paper and also set the time of the examination. When the examination is published, a student can give the exam online sitting at his/her home. Also a detailed report card of the student can be uploaded on the software.

Admission Management– Admission is the most important process of any academic institution. The whole process of admission is digitised in a school management system. The chaotic process of standing in the admission queue is simplified and also the software improves the efficiency of the administration through online processing of the admission.

Staff Management – A School Management Software should effectively and fluidly manage workers tasks and activities. It should ease the staff attendance process. At the end of the month, the software should be able to calculate the amount of salary of staff based on their attendance and send their wages based on the results, automatically. Moreover, payments could also be made with a single click directly to their bank account.

Timetable Management– Creating a timetable for different classes is the most time-consuming activity but timetable module in school management system helps in creating and managing different types of timetables. Teachers and administrators can create timetables using timetable module. The generated timetables will be available as class timetable, teacher timetable, and institutional timetable.

Homework Management– School Management System provides a platform where students can download, upload or submit an assignment or homework, notes & project work. The School Management Software should be made accessible to all parties that need to interact with it i.e. teachers and students. The software eases the process for students who wish to refer to the old assignments or notes, for study or other purposes.

Transportation management– A feature that enables the school administration to track the transport vehicle (school bus). It is a massive plus to the school as they can monitor the routes of their transport vehicle. This feature reduces the tension of parents about their child’s security and restore parent’s confidence in the school.

Leave Management– Leave management is one of the most important process of the HR department for any organization. Leave Management system in a school encompasses the process wherein teachers or faculty or even a student request a leave and the administration (principal) grants or denies leave based on organization policies.

Library Management– The library is one of the most used facilities in the school campus and is an important part of the academic process. All library management process like adding and managing books, issuing books, tracking books, etc. can be done with the help of school management software.

Human Resource Management– The human resource management is a highlight of any school management system. It deals with the salary calculation, leave management and also manages the process of employee entry to exit.

Parent Access– The importance of School Management Systems can be seen in the ease parents interact with the school. The School Management Software provides a platform to keep parents engaged and informed about their ward’s performance and activities in order to stay connected to their child’s academic achievement. This information is made available on the software at any time, ranging from their performance to assignments or projects their kids are currently working on or have worked on, and attendance too. In this way they can keep track of their child’s progress.

Online Assessment- A school management system enables institutions to manage data related to coursework, quizzes, tests, examinations, and generate reports to evaluate student performance. The system is built around academic goals to improve the student learning and results, and help education institutions to take informed decisions. The online assessment management module drastically reduces the workload and time spent by teachers on manual work. Teachers can create question paper for various courses and upload files, documents, images and media in a variety of formats.

Effective Communication– The School Management Software has a feature which help parents, teachers and the school administrators stay connected. It provides a better communication between parents and the school. Bulk SMS, email or special notifications are used to send reminders about school activities before they happen, during or after. Such communications are made possible through the software without any hassle.

Mutischool Management- A school Management system manage more than one school/college effortlessly and efficiently. It is a best fit for managing a group of Institutions who wants to administer more than one school or college from single platform. It allows the user to get all updates from the entire group which the user can access from multischool admin’s account dashboard.

Reduces Workload– As the whole process of learning is digitised, the manual work is reduced. Everything from admission procedure to generating report card of the students are managed online. The school management system works effortlessly and efficiently to reduce the workload.

Access From Anywhere– A school Management System can be easily accessed from anywhere and everywhere. A user online needs a device and internet to manage various activities of a school with just his/her finger tip.

Saves Natural Resources– With increased automation, the paperwork is eliminated from daily work process, which eventually saves the paper.

Push Notifications Make Connectivity Stronger!

What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are message alerts that are sent out to anyone and everyone who has installed the application (app) on their device and have opted to receive notifications from the same app. Push notification lets the user stay connected with the app. Push notifications provide convenience and value to app users. A push notification in a school management app like USMConnect proves beneficial in various ways. They can do a lot of things; for example, they can show the latest events of the school/colleges , sends you a reminder for fee payment, can help the teachers, parents, and students in not missing the critical updates from their college or school, also sends attendance related alerts to parents, sends holiday or event alerts to students, announcements to parents, parent’s communication to the teacher, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Push Notifications With USMConnect app?

  1. Stimulate User Engagement

To engage user to the app is a challenging task. One strategy to reach users who are online is push notifications. USMConnect app sends its users real-time updates and reminders that get them to regularly engage with the brand even if they’re not aware of it. So when an important message reaches them as push notifications, they are alerted even when they are using another app or not using the mobile phone.

  1. Improves the customer care strategy with useful content

Push notifications can considerably enhance the customer experience. USMConnect sends usefuls alerts to its users. The app help users by providing useful informations. It allow your users to keep up with the latest events of the school. USMConnect app make the notifications valuable and time-sensitive and keep a friendly tone.  

3. Reduce efforts in the customer journey: Push notification services can send deep links in the message alerts that navigates the user to a certain place in your app. Using deep links is a quick way to engage users with the app, and with the use of a push notification, users can perform the required action quickly.

4. Sends Instant alerts for:

Event- Users are continuously alerted by push notifications for any regular event or holiday of the school/college

Attendance– Notification alerts of students attendance are sent to parents/students for absence on any subject or half/full day absence on daily wise attendance.

Fees– Alert parents/students about the pending fee or change in fee.

Gallery– send notification if any pictures of the school event are added to the gallery.

Announcement– News related to school/college are instantly updated on the app for parents and teachers.

Exam reports– Notification regarding Examination date, examination timetable, examination result are sent to the parents/students.

Employee Leave– Push alerts for the administration when the employee applies for leave as well for the employee when their leave application is approved or denied.

Future Of Education- National Education Policy (NEP) 2020!

The National Education Policy 2020 was the only positive thing which happened this year which was approved after a gap of 34 years by the Union Cabinet. It brought a new wave in the sea of education. It is aimed at transforming the Indian education system to meet the needs of the 21st Century. Therefore It focuses on the development of all factors associated with education, such as skill development, coding, music, project and involves other factors which helps to enhance overall personality of the students.

An NEP is a comprehensive framework to guide the development of education in the country. Implementing NEP will change the face of the current education system in India. The NEP suggests remarkable changes including opening up of Indian higher education to foreign universities, disintegrating of the UGC and the (AICTE), introduction of a four-year multidisciplinary undergraduate programme with multiple exit options, and discontinuation of the M Phil programme.

The other important highlights of NEP 2020 includes-

New structure of school education (5+3+3+4)- This new structure divides the existing school structure as per the cognitive developmental stages of a child. These are early childhood (3-8), school years (8-11) , and secondary stage (11-18).

Multilingualism- The use of regional language (wherever possible) will be commenced till Grade 8. This will promote the importance of regional language in the young minds of students.

Vocational Education- The main aim of this is to promote at least one vocational course for children and also to introduce several more to them. This will show them the importance of labour in the modern times. Mandatory internship is part of this deal.

Bagless Days and informal internship- According to this, students will participate in a 10-day bagless period. During this period students from Grades 6-8 will intern with local vocational experts such as carpenters, gardeners, potters, artists, etc. This initiative will make them self sufficient and they will pick at least one skill.

Coding- It will be introduced to the students in class 6 to put them on the market of growing technology.

Multi-Stream Flexibility– After standard 10th, the students can now choose different subject from different streams (Arts, Science, Commerce).

Common Entrance for Colleges– After 12th students will now be judged and selected in different colleges based of only one common exam for all the colleges and universities in the country. There will be no bifurcation in the stream and only one common exam will be conducted.

Earlier, schooling was mandatory for children aged between 6 and 14 years. Now education will be compulsory for children aged between the 3 and 18 years.

Mphil courses will be discontinued and all the courses in the universities/colleges will be interdisciplinary.

Academic bank of credits to be established to facilitate Transfer of Credits.

Positive relevance of NEP 2020

The main motive of NEP 2020 is to learn how to learn rather than rote learning. Students will develop a wide thinking process and will be ready to embrace uncertainty in the various fields. It emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and learning-for-exams.

Earlier education in regional language will promote the language and will not let the language die.

Entry/Exit– One of the benefits of new education policy is to leave college at different points in time. Students can now decide how much to study and most importantly when to study.

Class 10th and 12th board exam will be made easier. It will mainly focus on the core competencies rather than the memorising capability of the students.

NEP will develop respect for diversity and respect for the local context in all curriculum, pedagogy, and policy.

Negative relevance of NEP 2020

Language seems to be an obstacle in the National Education Policy 2020. The student teacher ratio in india is questionable. So introducing regional languages in schools will prove to be a problem. Finding a teacher to teach a regional language and to bring study material in mother languages can cause hindrance in the plan of NEP 2020. As a result the increasing disparity between sections of society will be observed. The new education policy will further differentiate between the sections of the society. The students of government school will learn only their regional language for the first few years of their schooling while the private school students will be introduced with english at an earlier stage.

 Four-year graduation program– This program enables the students to take a drop from the college and still get a certificate for the course. This will increase the rate of drop outs in India. The students can/will opt for a two year diploma course and can add the rest of their years in their work experience. This will affects the quality of the education.

Although there may be a few minor loopholes the new National Educational Policy, nevertheless is revolutionary. This will bring a fresh change in the indian education system.

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