Push Notifications Make Connectivity Stronger!

What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are message alerts that are sent out to anyone and everyone who has installed the application (app) on their device and have opted to receive notifications from the same app. Push notification lets the user stay connected with the app. Push notifications provide convenience and value to app users. A push notification in a school management app like USMConnect proves beneficial in various ways. They can do a lot of things; for example, they can show the latest events of the school/colleges , sends you a reminder for fee payment, can help the teachers, parents, and students in not missing the critical updates from their college or school, also sends attendance related alerts to parents, sends holiday or event alerts to students, announcements to parents, parent’s communication to the teacher, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Push Notifications With USMConnect app?

  1. Stimulate User Engagement

To engage user to the app is a challenging task. One strategy to reach users who are online is push notifications. USMConnect app sends its users real-time updates and reminders that get them to regularly engage with the brand even if they’re not aware of it. So when an important message reaches them as push notifications, they are alerted even when they are using another app or not using the mobile phone.

  1. Improves the customer care strategy with useful content

Push notifications can considerably enhance the customer experience. USMConnect sends usefuls alerts to its users. The app help users by providing useful informations. It allow your users to keep up with the latest events of the school. USMConnect app make the notifications valuable and time-sensitive and keep a friendly tone.  

3. Reduce efforts in the customer journey: Push notification services can send deep links in the message alerts that navigates the user to a certain place in your app. Using deep links is a quick way to engage users with the app, and with the use of a push notification, users can perform the required action quickly.

4. Sends Instant alerts for:

Event- Users are continuously alerted by push notifications for any regular event or holiday of the school/college

Attendance– Notification alerts of students attendance are sent to parents/students for absence on any subject or half/full day absence on daily wise attendance.

Fees– Alert parents/students about the pending fee or change in fee.

Gallery– send notification if any pictures of the school event are added to the gallery.

Announcement– News related to school/college are instantly updated on the app for parents and teachers.

Exam reports– Notification regarding Examination date, examination timetable, examination result are sent to the parents/students.

Employee Leave– Push alerts for the administration when the employee applies for leave as well for the employee when their leave application is approved or denied.

Future Of Education- National Education Policy (NEP) 2020!

The National Education Policy 2020 was the only positive thing which happened this year which was approved after a gap of 34 years by the Union Cabinet. It brought a new wave in the sea of education. It is aimed at transforming the Indian education system to meet the needs of the 21st Century. Therefore It focuses on the development of all factors associated with education, such as skill development, coding, music, project and involves other factors which helps to enhance overall personality of the students.

An NEP is a comprehensive framework to guide the development of education in the country. Implementing NEP will change the face of the current education system in India. The NEP suggests remarkable changes including opening up of Indian higher education to foreign universities, disintegrating of the UGC and the (AICTE), introduction of a four-year multidisciplinary undergraduate programme with multiple exit options, and discontinuation of the M Phil programme.

The other important highlights of NEP 2020 includes-

New structure of school education (5+3+3+4)- This new structure divides the existing school structure as per the cognitive developmental stages of a child. These are early childhood (3-8), school years (8-11) , and secondary stage (11-18).

Multilingualism- The use of regional language (wherever possible) will be commenced till Grade 8. This will promote the importance of regional language in the young minds of students.

Vocational Education- The main aim of this is to promote at least one vocational course for children and also to introduce several more to them. This will show them the importance of labour in the modern times. Mandatory internship is part of this deal.

Bagless Days and informal internship- According to this, students will participate in a 10-day bagless period. During this period students from Grades 6-8 will intern with local vocational experts such as carpenters, gardeners, potters, artists, etc. This initiative will make them self sufficient and they will pick at least one skill.

Coding- It will be introduced to the students in class 6 to put them on the market of growing technology.

Multi-Stream Flexibility– After standard 10th, the students can now choose different subject from different streams (Arts, Science, Commerce).

Common Entrance for Colleges– After 12th students will now be judged and selected in different colleges based of only one common exam for all the colleges and universities in the country. There will be no bifurcation in the stream and only one common exam will be conducted.

Earlier, schooling was mandatory for children aged between 6 and 14 years. Now education will be compulsory for children aged between the 3 and 18 years.

Mphil courses will be discontinued and all the courses in the universities/colleges will be interdisciplinary.

Academic bank of credits to be established to facilitate Transfer of Credits.

Positive relevance of NEP 2020

The main motive of NEP 2020 is to learn how to learn rather than rote learning. Students will develop a wide thinking process and will be ready to embrace uncertainty in the various fields. It emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and learning-for-exams.

Earlier education in regional language will promote the language and will not let the language die.

Entry/Exit– One of the benefits of new education policy is to leave college at different points in time. Students can now decide how much to study and most importantly when to study.

Class 10th and 12th board exam will be made easier. It will mainly focus on the core competencies rather than the memorising capability of the students.

NEP will develop respect for diversity and respect for the local context in all curriculum, pedagogy, and policy.

Negative relevance of NEP 2020

Language seems to be an obstacle in the National Education Policy 2020. The student teacher ratio in india is questionable. So introducing regional languages in schools will prove to be a problem. Finding a teacher to teach a regional language and to bring study material in mother languages can cause hindrance in the plan of NEP 2020. As a result the increasing disparity between sections of society will be observed. The new education policy will further differentiate between the sections of the society. The students of government school will learn only their regional language for the first few years of their schooling while the private school students will be introduced with english at an earlier stage.

 Four-year graduation program– This program enables the students to take a drop from the college and still get a certificate for the course. This will increase the rate of drop outs in India. The students can/will opt for a two year diploma course and can add the rest of their years in their work experience. This will affects the quality of the education.

Although there may be a few minor loopholes the new National Educational Policy, nevertheless is revolutionary. This will bring a fresh change in the indian education system.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ultimate School Manager.

In this century, technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. Technology is becoming a part of every industry to make things easier, more accurate and smoother. Similarly, technology has entered the education industry one such technology which has influenced the education sector is school management software.

To effectively manage the education sector, systems like Ultimate School Manager make comes into the picture. Ultimate School Manager is all in one School management software that you need to manage your Schools and Colleges. It is the most secure and customizable software suited to all level of Schools and Colleges.

The software is easy and intuitive to use. It is equipped with all the basic and advanced features necessary for all the school/college activities. The most important 6 reasons why one should use USM are described below:

  1. Easy To Implement And Use

USM is well sufficient and useful in the modern times of technology and education. USM delivers the user a smooth experience by providing various user-friendly modules. It’s Graphical User Interface has been designed for the variety of users likes students and their parents, which is efficient and effortless. It’s easy to work on USM software on your first login without any instructions all you need is the basic knowledge of working on a computer.

2. A Cost Effective Solution

USM is highly affordable for any educational institute. It provides various feature in minimum cost possible. Schools and colleges of any size can easily afford USM and its services.

3. Mobile App For School and Parents

USM has built an efficient mobile app called USMConnect for parents and students, which is easily accessible. Notifications regarding school activities are instantly sent to the parents via mobile app. Teachers are also updated with affairs of the school with the USM app on their mobile phones. Both parents and students have their own individual login access to USM, which allows them to view their dashboard from anywhere in the world with just one click.

4. The Best User Experience

USM is highly user friendly. People from any age group can easily operate the USM software for various purposes. A teacher, student or a parent can effortlessly use the software for day to day school activities. An user can use the software with minimal training. All the features of the software are easily accessible without much navigation.

5. Always keep Software Updates

The software is updated frequently. Latest updates are introduced to the software based on the requirement of its users. New features and functionality in the form of new modules are frequently added to enhance USM. The updates of the software goes hand in hand with the evolving time. And since software is hosted in the cloud, any small change will be available to the user from time to time. Any new feature added to the software can be easily available without any issue.

6. Highly Secured

The data that is fed in the software is secured in 32 bit ssl encryption. Data security is USM’s prime motive along with data backup. We offer every school full privacy to their data as the data is fully encrypted while being stored in USM. USM’s online payment integration is secured and anyone can easily use it without any worry.

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A Modern Day Challenge: Online Learning and Remote Teaching!

The Pandemic has forced the educational institutions of the country to shift their curriculum from in-person teaching to online teaching, which has demanded many teachers around the world to teach remotely. The rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on various digital platforms is the new normal. And thus the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed teaching and learning environment.

Due to nationwide lockdown, schools remain closed, meaning that students now have to access education through a device with internet connection. But online education is not that easy. Faculty gets acquainted with new ways of managing this sudden transition to online education.

USM helps to make this online learning a smooth process. To help educational institution with their employee meetings or online classes between teachers and students during this uncertain time, USM has come out with a solution using which the online learning, remote teaching and institute’s daily events can be managed effortlessly and efficiently.

How to Conduct Online Classes/Meeting in USM?

Zoom is an online platform which allows the user to connect with one or more than one person for a video or an audio call. It can be integrated to Ultimate School Manager which will then enable video calls, audio calls, conferences, meetings etc between teachers and students, or between school employees.


Integrate Zoom application into USM:

  • Go to Menu >> Collaboration >>  Meeting >> Integration
  • Add New Integration
  • Update Zoom API Key, Zoom API Secret and Zoom Webhook Token 
  • Save Changes.

To get an API Key and API secret. Go to https://marketplace.zoom.us sign in and click Build App. Use the JWT app and copy the credentials to setup a integration in USM.

How to schedule a zoom meeting or online class?

Zoom meeting in USM can be used for various purposes. It can be used for taking online classes as well as for meetings between employees.

  • Go to Menu >> Collaboration >>  Meeting >> Add New Meeting
  •  Fill the descriptions and details of the meeting and click on Create and Invite to create a meeting.
A host or admin can start the meeting by clicking on start

Benefits of Online Meeting/Classes in USM.

One of the most important advantage of doing online school activities with USM is that it is easily accessible.

A user only needs a device and internet connectivity. Anyone and everyone can attend online meeting/classes from the safe environment of their homes.

Increased attendance of students and employees is also a noticeable benefit of online meetings/classes. Attendees do not have to travel to attend a meeting that takes place online. This means that attending involves less commitment of time.

Attendees may also be able to drop in and out of the meeting, if they have other important matters to deal with.

Another advantage of online meetings/ classes is time-saving. Setting up an online meeting saves plenty of time. It can be considered as a method of time management to avoid commuting from one place to another.

Online meetings/classes can be organized at any time and in any location.

Snippet to show how student/employee can join zoom meeting

Go to https://usmsupport.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/36000247715 for more information and guidance.

Communication is the key!

Messages, e-mails etc are few effective ways to stay connected. The main purpose of a communication system for an educational institution is to strengthen the relationship between parents, students, teachers and the management. USM has an inbuilt messaging system which allow its users to stay connected with the ongoing activities of the school. The communication system of USM represent an effective, fast, secure, no cost, and smarter tool for teachers, students, and parents. The USM’s inbuilt messaging systems represent the quickest and the most effective way of getting information across to a large group of audience.

USM has developed an efficient internal messaging system which keep the students, parents, employees, updated with all the ongoing school activities. USM has introduced a completely revamped version of Internal messaging-email and notification system which is very helpful in the learning process.

It provides many benefits to not only the school but also to the parents and the students’ community by ensuring that communication in faster and easier.

Benefits of internal messaging

  • Share latest updates on Educational events and holidays as a notification.
  • Sharing of knowledge, views and information with the parents and staff via emails and messages.
  • Easy interaction with teachers and school management.
  • Increase good communication environment between parents, admin, and teachers.
  • Ability to connect and stay in touch with parents and other administrative workers effectively, efficiently and effortlessly.
  • saves money that are wasted on photocopying and paper. By using internal messaging, schools can reduce such expenses .

How USM’s internal messaging system help the students, parents, employees.

  • It Notifies the Student of deadlines & Exam dates and exam schedules.
  • It also send notifications regarding assignments instantly.
  • School events, festival and birthday greetings can also be sent to parents students.
  • Send Parents/ Employees Meeting Reminders.
  • It notifies the parents of the student’s progress.
  • It provides latest news update.
  • It notifies of the School Bus Timing Change.
  • It provides emergency holiday update.
  • It shows Fees pending status

Snippet to show how admin can send messages

Snippet to show how student/employee can see notifications

Go to https://usmsupport.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/36000034984 for more information.

Managing Assignments Is Not An Easy Task!

Why are assignments important in a learning process?

Assignments are an integral part of a learning process. Assignments develop a student’s critical and analytical skills. The assignments enable the students to see the purpose of their study and also direct them towards their goal. They also improve a student’s writing skill which is beneficial for a long run. Assignments help in the practice as well. They are means to go beyond what is taught in the class.

As a teacher, it is not acceptable to present everything to their students and pamper them. This behaviour harms the learning competencies of students, and thus education becomes meaningless to them. Assignments have proven its effectiveness and is a very powerful factor in student performance. Therefore, with the help of assignments and homework, students are expected to gain knowledge on their own. They are also a great means for teachers to assess students various skills as well as their levels of comprehension and knowledge.

How USM manages assignments?

For Teachers

When a teacher logs in to the USM’s account and want to issue assignments to the students, then he/she can do that efficiently. USM’s assignment management is well equipped and easy to operate.

  • After logging into your USM account go to My Subjects.
  • Set all the required filter such as Class, subject etc.
  • Add assignments for the students by clicking new assignment or the “+” symbol on th app.
  • Save and Publish.
Manage Assignment
Add new Assignment

For Students

When you login as a student

  • Click on the Assignment Option.
  • Access the list of assignments provided by the teacher.
  • Submit the assignment before the deadline.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-14.png

For more details go to https://usmsupport.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/36000247194-how-teachers-can-create-manage-assignments-

How to plan and manage Lessons Efficiently?

What is a Lesson Planner?

Lesson planning is essential to the process of teaching and learning. A lesson plan gives a detailed description of the lesson, which a Teacher teaches in a fixed duration. An effective Lesson Planner simplifies the work processes of the institute and automates tasks. It provides a definite objective for each day’s work. This eventually helps the teacher to organize and systematize the learning process. A lesson planner aims to provide what teachers and learners want to achieve in a lesson or a course. A lesson planner helps the teacher to evaluate his/her teaching and to compare it with set objectives. This evaluation will help you in achieving the set targets in a better way .

How does a Lesson Planner improve the learning process?

A Lesson Planner in USM can be managed by the administration as well as by the respective subject teachers. A teacher can plan his/her subject efficiently in the Lesson Planner for the academic year. Lesson planner allows the teacher to visualize. This visualization typically increases teacher success in the process. A lesson planner often describes what the teacher wants learners to be able to do by the end of a lesson. Lesson planner make teachers structure their lesson so that it flows coherently and covers the topics towards the objective. A thorough lesson plan inspires the teacher to improve further.

Benefits of managing lessons?

There are many benefits of a lesson planner. One of those is that a teacher will be able to finish a particular lesson in a limited time frame. A lesson planner works as a guide for the teacher in the classroom. It tells what to teach so that they can cover the entire lesson within a limited time frame. This will help him or her to make the students learn a better and precise manner. Another key benefit of lesson planner is that it can be saved and shared with the students. A student can access Lesson planner through his/her USM account . It also helps the teacher and the student to think in an organized manner.

How Ultimate School Manager helps in managing Lessons?

USM is well sufficient to deal with all the administrative challenges. It eases such challenges for the administration as well as for the students. The software accepts all the challenges of the modern times. It lets a teacher or the administration plan the class activities accordingly. USM enhances the learning process for students as well as for the teachers by introducing Lesson Planner, which can be accessed by teachers and the students by logging into their respective USM accounts.

The administration or teachers use USM’s Lesson planner to plan their subjects and the learning methods which eventually help the students to learn in a better and more efficient way. A Lesson Planner available under Manage Subject module in USM is easy to access and lets you plan your subject.

A lesson planner can be made according to the academic session, batch, class and subject. Later you can enter lesson details such as Lesson Name, Subject, duration etc. It also allows you to add topic details such as Name of the topic, start date and end date and also select the status of the lesson whether the topic is completed or is still under progress. A student can also see the status of the lesson in lesson planner. He/she can also download the pdf of the planner for his own

Admin/Subject Teacher View

Student View


Why Ultimate School Manager?

The makers of USM have made sure the users do not face any issue while using USM. With constant efforts and sheer dedication the makers have made sure to eliminate all the problems linked to different aspects of an ERP.

No installation required

Unlike orthodox school management software there is no need to install USM by the clients. Thus the hassles related to installation are eliminated instantly. Also no extra manpower or time is required for the purpose.

No data loss

The makers have made sure that in any situation the data of the client is not lost. We have the back up of the data taken after every two hours and have adequate arrangements for any adverse contingency arising in future.

No server issues

The clients using USM do not have to worry about server issues. Its our task to arrange for the server and deal with any server issues.

No additional infrastructure required

For using USM all the clients should have is a desktop with a good internet connection. No more equipment is required.

Here is a video of Ultimate School Manager Features.