ERP Based School Management Software’s Scope In India

The evolution of education sector through all these years has witnessed some significant changes in the field. Due to the technological progress in the field of education, the traditional method of classroom learning is changed to online learning. The digital learning process forced the education institutions to adapt ERP based school management system to manage the administration works such as attendance, student enrollment and registration, online learning, online fees payment, digital assignments. The software helps to minimise the manual work and digitise the working process of an institution.

The ERP Based School Management Software consists of various modules to manage the entire activity of a school & students like admission, timetable, examination, messages, fee collection, reports, transport, library, events etc. It reduces the functions of Administrators, teachers, staff, and others by providing a platform for them to monitor various activities of an institution.

Below are the reasons how ERP based Management Software improves the education system:

The Software helps the institution to work efficiently and effortlessly

School ERP solutions are precise and impart an assurity of less human error and mistakes. School ERP makes the entire system automated and ensures that the administration and school management processes are simplified, precise and quicker. This enables the schools to focus more on education. The ERP software takes care of all the day to day activity of the school. From collecting fee to publishing report card of the students, the ERP manages all. School security management, timetable management, teacher attendance management, admission management, fee system management among many others are the additional features of a ERP based school management system.

It helps bridge the gap between parents and teachers

The ERP based School Management Software has a feature which help parents, teachers and the school administrators stay connected. It provides a better communication between parents and the school. Bulk SMS, email or special notifications are used to send reminders about school activities before they happen, during or after. Such communications are made possible through the software without any hassle. It keeps them updated on all the various activities going in their ward’s academic life. Additionally, it assure parents about the security of their children by sending them SMS alerts and timely updates about the school bus, the attendance of their children etc. The software builds a trust between parents and the school.

The process of E-Learning

The tough times of corona has forced the world to adapt to the online learning system- E Learning. Online classes, online attendance, online assignments, online exams, etc have become a part of students’ as well as teachers’ academic life. The ERP based school management software has various module to fulfill the requirement of the teachers and students. The modules present in the software serves as an online classroom for various academic activities. The teachers can mark the attendance of the students, make lesson planner and timeline, take online classes, share notes, lecture videos, assignments, set the assignment deadline, correct and grade the papers, publish results etc. The students can attend the online classes, submit assignments, access the reading material, give online tests etc. All these activities are managed efficiently by the software.

It works towards Employee Management

The employee management task is made easy with the ERP based school management system. A School Management Software effectively and fluidly manage workers tasks and activities. It eases the staff attendance process. At the end of the month, the software is able to calculate the amount of salary of staff based on their attendance and send their wages based on the results, automatically. Moreover, payments are made with a single click directly to their bank account. All the meetings’ reminder are sent to their devices via sms or email alerts.

It secures the DATA of an institution

Data security is one of the main concerns of any institution. ERP based school management software creates a safe and a secure learning environment for students as well as for the others involved in the process. It ensures that an account is with its right user, and the account is not being operated by someone else. All the users have their own login credentials for their account. The data stored with the software is backed up on a secure cloud-service every hour. Therefore no data is lost.

All the above mentioned points make ERP based school management software a secure platform for learning.

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