Why Should Schools Choose Cloud-Based School Management System

A school management system controls and manages all the school activities on a single online platform. It effectively digitalises the daily school activities like Student Admissions, Student details, Attendance, Exam, Fees collections, Certificate, Timetable, Income Tax, Library, Hostel, Transportation, Accounts, Loan, Employee & Leave management, Payroll, Appraisal, etc and frees the administration from time-consuming tedious manual work.

A cloud-based school management software operates on cloud technology. All the important, non-important data is stored in “the cloud”, which can be accessed by the user from anywhere at any given time. The process of obtaining information at any time is not restricted by geographical location or any time frame.

What are the advantages of cloud-based school management system?

User Friendly– The cloud based school management system can be used by the school administration as well as by the students and parents in an effortless way. An user can use the software with minimal training. All the features of the software are easily accessible without much navigation.

High Availability- The cloud based school management software ensures that the application is not down anytime. The management system is up 99.9% of the time. It ensures the downtime is almost Nil. The software is accessible 24*7 across the globe.

Frequent Software Updates– The software is updated frequently according to the needs and demands of the institution. Latest updates are introduced to the software based on the requirement of its users. New features and functionality in the form of new modules are frequently added to enhance the software. The updates of the software goes hand in hand with the evolving time. And since software is hosted in the cloud, any small change will be available to the user from time to time. Any new feature added to the software can be easily available without any issue.

Data Accessibility and security– The data stored is backed up on a secure cloud-service every hour. Therefore no data is lost. The data is fully encrypted while being stored. Also the user can securely access the data from anywhere at any time. Also the application is highly secured. It has multi factor authentication, protection against buffer overflow attacks, protection against multi session, set-up authentication like password lock out, etc.

Cost Effective– Cloud based school management system provides various feature in minimum cost possible. Schools and colleges of any size can easily afford the services. By switching to cloud based management system, the burden on individual administrative staff or management gets reduced. Also The increased costs of a pen and paper-based administration are eliminated when a school invests in cloud-based school management software. All the school affairs are operated online.

Subscription Based Billing– The Cloud based management system enables to bill users automatically on a fixed schedule for the service. The user can buy the software whenever they require and can discontinue whenever its is not needed.

Online Integrations– Various features such as Online Payment, Vehicle Tracking System, Online Exam, Virtual Classroom are integrated with the cloud-based school management software. These integrations proved to be helpful to the students, parents, teachers, and management for efficient work processes. Parents can pay the fee of their wards online via Net banking or any other integrated apps. Also through the software, the school vehicles can be tracked for the safety of the students. With the help of cloud based integration, online exams are conducted. The whole process is convenient for the students as well as for the teachers.

A cloud-based school management system digitizes the institution with all the features and modules. And USM has proved to be best in the field. For more information visit http://www.vbelabs.in/product/usmconnect

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