Managing Multiple Schools With USM

Purpose of multiple school branches across the globe

An institution may have various branches in different parts of the city, state, country or across the globe. One of the main reasons to open another branch of an educational institution is the increasing student body and the need of better educational possibilities. The other reason to have more than one branch is an increasing human population. A school in a far away locality cannot be accessed by a population situated in another locality. By establishing various branches of a school, students can access education in the school of their choice, rather than settling for what is available.

What does a multiple school ERP system do?

Multi- school ERP system are meant for schools with various branches across the country. The system provides a similar academic system and processes for all the branches of an institution. This ensures that all the students across various branches have a uniform learning experience and can evolve simultaneously. It creates an inspired teaching and learning environment where all stakeholders collaborate for an overall development of a child. It also provides you a single window to look or manage all your subsidiary schools. The user needs only one parent account to manage multiple branches.

Characteristics of USM’s Multi-School ERP System to manage school branches:

More than 1 admin profiles- All the branches of an institution require their own administration. USM allows various branches to have their own admin profiles, which ensures a smooth workflow that looks into individual needs of the schools and does not burden the parent institution with the workload of its different branches. Also you can create multiple admin accounts specific to school so that one school’s data is not visible or accessible to other school’s admin and they can work on their individual sets of school data

One Sms and email alerts for all- Sms alerts are a way to send across important informations to parents, teachers,and students. Its an easy and reliable way for communication purpose related to academics and other school activities.

With a multi-school ERP system, SMS alerts can be set for multiple branches on one go. This allows the students of all the branches of an institution to get the same information at the same time across the same platform.

The same happens with the email alerts sent by the institution.  The multi-school ERP system can be setup in one click to operate exactly in the same way for all branches of the schools to send emails to the parents, teachers, and students for any information related to the school or academics.

Common plugin for all branches- Common plugin allows the parent institution to manage all the subsidiary branches’ accounts at one place if required. For example, the admin can integrate all the bank accounts of the different branches to collect the school fees in one single account if necessary. The Sms plugin of an institution can also work as a common plugin between the branches to send same sms or emails across the participants of all the school branches. The libraries of all the branches of a school can also be managed by common plugin. Common plugin makes simultaneously administering and managing all the branches easier.

USM efficiently manages various branches of an institution with its ERP. It makes the process of managing different branches effortless and hassle free and less chaotic.

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