An All Purpose School Management App: USMConnect

An educational institution has hundreds of activities to take care of. Manually managing all the academic activities can prove to be laborious as well as are prone to errors. The administration and the teachers are overloaded with paperwork, so it’s difficult to keep track of all the processes, monitor student progress, and support and effective and easy connections between parents, teachers, and students. An effective communication between each and every part of an education system leads to effective and joyful education.

To make the entire process education hassle free and to enrich communication between school administration, parents and students, VBelabs has an all purpose mobile app- USMConnect. The App is compatible with android as well as with iOS. This app is a complete one step ERP software solution for educational institutes and parents. It can easily meet the needs of the institution, parents, and students.

It is an App for teachers, where they can create lesson schedules, lesson plans, grade students, track their attendance and behavior , where they can easily communicate with students, where they can send reminders, assignments, homework, share useful resources, and create discussion groups.. It is also an App for parents , where parents can join their child’s learning process, track kids activities, and receive reminders about upcoming school events. This App connect schools, teachers, organizations, and parents. Schools can post their school projects, communicate with each other, collaborate and share their ideas about lesson structure and creative teaching.

Key Features Of USMConnect App


Timetable management in USMConnect is an advanced feature. It has been helping schools and colleges in scheduling and managing timetables flawlessly. In a single click, admin can allocate a substitute teacher to the class in case the teacher is absent, automatic timetable management system promotes the paperless environment and simplifies the work of the admin. Teachers can check their timetable by logging in their USM account and plan accordingly. Students can also check their complete timetable for the week or for a specific day. Also a notification is instantly sent to teachers and students if the timetable changes for any reason.

News and Events

All the current events and news related to the school activities are updates on the USMConnect app. Parents, teachers and students are always well informed about the tasks happening in the institute. In a single click all the details of the events of the institute can be obtained through the app.

Examination and Report Card

Examinations are an integral part in the process of learning. USMConnect app helps the educational institutions to manage their examinations online. The examination module present in the app allows the teacher or the admin to create examination for the whole class. The system provides a secure way to conduct online examinations for multiple students at any point of time. The teachers are supposed to create a question paper for their respective subjects and upload it to the software. A question paper can be a multiple choice question (mcq) paper, a quiz or a descriptive question paper. This software provides multiple format for a question paper. The question paper is then uploaded and thousands of students can access it in a given time slot. After the examination, a detailed Report card of the students is generates where a student can see the marks scored and can also analyse his mistakes. The report card of the students are confidentially generated and the data remains secured.

Assignments Management

Managing Assignments is made easy with USMConnect for teachers as well as for the students. When a teacher logs in to the USM’s account and wants to issue assignments to the students, then he/she can do that efficiently. USM’s assignment management is well equipped and easy to operate. It Distributes assignment to whole class or a group of particular students. It also Keeps a track on deadline & monitors the progress of shared assignment. One can also attach any document, video, image, pdf along with task. The app Instantly shares the result with students, it also add remarks to encourage them. But most importantly this method Reduces the paper wastage.

SMS/Push Notification

The app ensures that there is an unbreakable communication between school and the students/parents. A strong network of communication allows great success in the learning process. Sms/Push notification feature keeps the employees as well as the student/parent up to dated with the school activities. Important notifications are instantly send regarding fees pending status, student absentees reminder, upcoming event reminder, emergency holiday update, student progress notification, upcoming examination, result announcement, latest news update etc

Leave Management

Leave Management is an important process of the administration for any organisation. USMConnect’s Leave management is effortless and very easy to use. . It lets the administration keep track of employees leave application. Staff can submit their leave requests online and can view their leave requests online. They can view types of leave and number of leave and can apply accordingly. The administration can grant or deny the leave application. The employee can thus view the progress of their application and will be notified via USMconnect app.

Attendance Management

Managing Attendance is an everyday task for every educational institution. And with USMConnect App teachers can quickly and accurately and effortlessly record the attendance of the student and at the same time can produce the reports of every student in a single click. It also provides a convenient way to track the attendance of students either subject wise or for the whole day. Attendance during examinations can also be marked and tracked via app. With USMConnect one can mark the attendance for staff and students in a single click

Lesson Planner

Lesson planner is one of the most important feature for teachers as well as for students in the USMConnect App. It allows the teacher to plan the subject according to a specific time frame. It simplifies the work of a teacher by guiding her throughout the academic year. Prior lesson planning increases a teacher’s success in the process of teaching and learning. A student can also access the lesson planner with his USMConnect account. it helps the student to think in an organised manner. It provides a goal for the student as well as for the teacher, which has to achieved during an academic year.

Study Material

Study Material feature available in USMConnect app enables the user to get the study material used by the teachers in the class. Students can log in to their USM account and can access the materials for their own understanding and learning. Previous year’s question paper are uploaded on the app and can be accessed for revision purposes. This feature available on the app proves to be beneficial for the students as well as for the teachers. One of the noticeable advantages of sharing study material online is that there is no wastage of paper and is eco friendly.

Online Classes and Lectures

Online education is the need of the hour! With the USMConnect app the process of learning has become effortless. The app allows the students to attend classes from anywhere and everywhere. All a user need is a device and internet connection. Classes and Lectures can be attended with comfort and from the safety of one’s home. Notification is sent to the students or participants before class or lecture, which proves to be convenient and works as a reminder.


Photo Gallery in USMConnect app is used to post pictures of events happened in the school/college. The administration can post the pictures of latest events like annual day, seminar, conference etc that happened in the institution and can select the employees, students from departments and batches to share them with. Sharing pictures with employees or students is now made easy with the USMConnect app.

This product by VBelabs is a boon for all the educational institutions (schools in particular) who wish to scrap away the orthodox hard copy way of management, record keeping and all the related processes and procedures. Inspired by the Digital India dream, we have come up with a novel way of making school management a far more convenient and paperless affair.

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