Security breach of a school’s data not only affect students but also parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff to avert financial loss, physical or psychological damage or even threats to individuals’ lives. And school/college cannot compromise on the data loss of its community. A school/college has to take safety measures to ensure the security of the data of the people involved directly or indirectly with the institution. In such a scenario, USM, a school management software with advanced data encryption features, can be a beneficial instrument for school/college administrators. 

What is Data Security? And, why is it important?

Data Security is a set of standards and security measures to keep the stored data, for instance user’s personal information, bank details among other things, safe and immune to external tampering. All business platforms nowadays operate mainly on data, which includes sensitive information concerning its clients, and therefore, it needs to be protected. At USM, data security is of immense importance to us, that’s why we keep our security system rigorous and comply with the set measures, which entails the secure storage of your data.

USM creates a safe and a secure learning environment for students as well as for the others involved in the process.

The Highlights of USM’s Data Security are

Account Security– Since USM uses a role-based security system, USM also ensures that an account is with its right user, and the account is not being operated by someone else. All the users have their own login credentials for their account.

Deployed on secured SSL – USM is deployed on SSL(Secure Sockets Layer), which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client

Database backup – The data stored with USM is backed up on a secure cloud-service every hour. Therefore no data is lost.

Role-Based Security – USM employs a role-based security system, whereby the school administrators assign certain roles to its employees, each of which comes with a certain set of permissions as to what one can or cannot see in the database.

School data is only your data – The data stored by the school administration on USM would be stored only for the purpose of school’s use. USM, by no means, intend to modify, use or disclose the school’s data.

Secure school parent communication – USM ensures a secure channel for any communication between the school and the parents, in which no third party is allowed to participate. All the data and information remains confidential between the parties involved.

Tracking of loggings– USM tracks all the loggings of its system. It records the users information who logs in to the USM software. If an unauthorised user tries to log in to the USM account, then a message is sent to the authority which then ensures the safety of the site.

Privacy – USM takes as its responsibility that the private information regarding the client remain private and are not accessible to anyone the user doesn’t want to access.

Follow GDPR policies – To keep your data secure, USM regularly updates its security measures and complies with the latest GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies stipulated by the concerned authorities.

Encrypt the confidential data – USM encrypts the data stored in its database. That means, the data gets stored in an encoded form, which cannot be read by anyone.

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