How USM proved to be a game changer for Anant Utsav School, Bhopal.

Anant Utsav School is a prominent school situated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The institution is run by Anant Utsav Shiksha Avam Samaj Sudhar Samiti. It was established in the year 2009-10 with an aim to provide the best learning experience to ensure all children make excellent progress and become lifelong learners. The school encompasses of three different streams, PCM, PCB and Commerce for its students at the senior secondary level. The administration managed all the school activities manually. And they were efficient but manually managing all the records invited some errors. To avoid errors in the data storage and to efficiently and effortlessly manage the school at one place, Anant Utsav School opted for Ultimate School Manager.

Challenges Earlier Faced by The Institution are-

The school received thousands of applications each year. The whole process of admission was chaotic and time consuming and would take days to complete the procedure. The institution stressed on online admission portal which was effective and efficient and hassle free.

The most common problem faced by Anant Utsav School was Manual Fee Processing. The school received thousands of applicants on a regular basis. Manually collecting timely fees & to issue hand-written fee receipts was prone to errors. So they opted for a fully automated solution.

They were also facing a problem of communication with the parents of the students. For example, to update parents of their wards performance, they had to organize a Parents-Teacher meeting on a regular basis. Also all the news and other informations related to the students’ academic progress were discussed in the meeting or over a phone call, which proved to be expensive and also time taking. So they wanted an inbuilt sms-email communication center for all communication purposes related to the school.

The third issue faced by Anant Utsav School was manually generating report cards of the students. The existing system couldn’t provide an overall view for them, as the data was fragmented among various systems. The paper based report card could only show the marks of the exam and would miss to portray the progress of the students in detail. The school wanted to track each and every small detail of the student’s progress, which was earlier not possible.

One Solution to all their existing problems- Ultimate School Manager

USM proved to be a game changer in managing all the academic and non academic activities of the school. Each and everything from admission to exams can be managed on one single platform. This online platform is simple and efficient. The admin can monitor everything on their systems or phones. Time and resources are saved. It also helped them financially. The cost of manpower is saved. The software was able to supervise large operations with less manpower.

The chaotic process of standing in the admission queue is simplified and also the software improved the efficiency of the administration through online processing of the admission.

USM helped with the fees management. Fees are collected online and also online receipts are generated and sent to the parents. Parents are also notified regularly about the installments and also in case of late fee submission.

The communication between the school and the parents is also improved with the help of USM. Sms alerts or emails are sent to the parents to increase their involvement in their ward’s education. They are also notified of the school events and other school related news.

One of an important highlights of implementing USM is the online examination module. The students can give an examination from any place in the world. Also the workload of the teachers are reduced. The online report card is also an advantage of USM. The progress of each and every student is recorded in detail with extra remarks from the teachers. The student is supposed to log in to his or her account and can access the report card.

These are few mentioned benefits of USM availed by Anant Utsav School of Bhopal. The software helps the administration to manage the school with just one click. Using USM is that simple!

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