How A School Management System Manages An Institution.

A School Management System automates the organization. All the operations of an institution are digitised to improve the overall performance and the efficiency of the school/college. A school management software consists of various modules to manage the entire activity of a school & students like admission, timetable, examination, messages, fee collection, reports, transport, library, events etc. It reduces the functions of Administrators, teachers, staff, and others by providing a platform for them to monitor various activities of an institution.

There are several other benefits of a School Management System. The main aim is to ease the whole process of administering and learning. However the top advantages of a School Management system are mentioned below:

Ease in Attendance Reporting- Marking a student’s attendance is an important task for any educational institution. The software is able to provide a wide variety of reports on attendance by class, individual student, gender etc for the whole term. Some systems even send an SMS to a parent as soon as a child is marked absent.

Easy Fee Payment– The fee collection and receipt generation in a school can be simplified and digitized with school management software. It provides a platform that allows parents to make fee payments online. All due dates and fines for late payments are also automated as per pre-set rules and intimated to parents through the software.

Better Exam Management– Managing Examinations is one of the essential features and importance of school management systems. The examination module allows the teacher to upload the question paper and also set the time of the examination. When the examination is published, a student can give the exam online sitting at his/her home. Also a detailed report card of the student can be uploaded on the software.

Admission Management– Admission is the most important process of any academic institution. The whole process of admission is digitised in a school management system. The chaotic process of standing in the admission queue is simplified and also the software improves the efficiency of the administration through online processing of the admission.

Staff Management – A School Management Software should effectively and fluidly manage workers tasks and activities. It should ease the staff attendance process. At the end of the month, the software should be able to calculate the amount of salary of staff based on their attendance and send their wages based on the results, automatically. Moreover, payments could also be made with a single click directly to their bank account.

Timetable Management– Creating a timetable for different classes is the most time-consuming activity but timetable module in school management system helps in creating and managing different types of timetables. Teachers and administrators can create timetables using timetable module. The generated timetables will be available as class timetable, teacher timetable, and institutional timetable.

Homework Management– School Management System provides a platform where students can download, upload or submit an assignment or homework, notes & project work. The School Management Software should be made accessible to all parties that need to interact with it i.e. teachers and students. The software eases the process for students who wish to refer to the old assignments or notes, for study or other purposes.

Transportation management– A feature that enables the school administration to track the transport vehicle (school bus). It is a massive plus to the school as they can monitor the routes of their transport vehicle. This feature reduces the tension of parents about their child’s security and restore parent’s confidence in the school.

Leave Management– Leave management is one of the most important process of the HR department for any organization. Leave Management system in a school encompasses the process wherein teachers or faculty or even a student request a leave and the administration (principal) grants or denies leave based on organization policies.

Library Management– The library is one of the most used facilities in the school campus and is an important part of the academic process. All library management process like adding and managing books, issuing books, tracking books, etc. can be done with the help of school management software.

Human Resource Management– The human resource management is a highlight of any school management system. It deals with the salary calculation, leave management and also manages the process of employee entry to exit.

Parent Access– The importance of School Management Systems can be seen in the ease parents interact with the school. The School Management Software provides a platform to keep parents engaged and informed about their ward’s performance and activities in order to stay connected to their child’s academic achievement. This information is made available on the software at any time, ranging from their performance to assignments or projects their kids are currently working on or have worked on, and attendance too. In this way they can keep track of their child’s progress.

Online Assessment- A school management system enables institutions to manage data related to coursework, quizzes, tests, examinations, and generate reports to evaluate student performance. The system is built around academic goals to improve the student learning and results, and help education institutions to take informed decisions. The online assessment management module drastically reduces the workload and time spent by teachers on manual work. Teachers can create question paper for various courses and upload files, documents, images and media in a variety of formats.

Effective Communication– The School Management Software has a feature which help parents, teachers and the school administrators stay connected. It provides a better communication between parents and the school. Bulk SMS, email or special notifications are used to send reminders about school activities before they happen, during or after. Such communications are made possible through the software without any hassle.

Mutischool Management- A school Management system manage more than one school/college effortlessly and efficiently. It is a best fit for managing a group of Institutions who wants to administer more than one school or college from single platform. It allows the user to get all updates from the entire group which the user can access from multischool admin’s account dashboard.

Reduces Workload– As the whole process of learning is digitised, the manual work is reduced. Everything from admission procedure to generating report card of the students are managed online. The school management system works effortlessly and efficiently to reduce the workload.

Access From Anywhere– A school Management System can be easily accessed from anywhere and everywhere. A user online needs a device and internet to manage various activities of a school with just his/her finger tip.

Saves Natural Resources– With increased automation, the paperwork is eliminated from daily work process, which eventually saves the paper.

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