Communication is the key!

Messages, e-mails etc are few effective ways to stay connected. The main purpose of a communication system for an educational institution is to strengthen the relationship between parents, students, teachers and the management. USM has an inbuilt messaging system which allow its users to stay connected with the ongoing activities of the school. The communication system of USM represent an effective, fast, secure, no cost, and smarter tool for teachers, students, and parents. The USM’s inbuilt messaging systems represent the quickest and the most effective way of getting information across to a large group of audience.

USM has developed an efficient internal messaging system which keep the students, parents, employees, updated with all the ongoing school activities. USM has introduced a completely revamped version of Internal messaging-email and notification system which is very helpful in the learning process.

It provides many benefits to not only the school but also to the parents and the students’ community by ensuring that communication in faster and easier.

Benefits of internal messaging

  • Share latest updates on Educational events and holidays as a notification.
  • Sharing of knowledge, views and information with the parents and staff via emails and messages.
  • Easy interaction with teachers and school management.
  • Increase good communication environment between parents, admin, and teachers.
  • Ability to connect and stay in touch with parents and other administrative workers effectively, efficiently and effortlessly.
  • saves money that are wasted on photocopying and paper. By using internal messaging, schools can reduce such expenses .

How USM’s internal messaging system help the students, parents, employees.

  • It Notifies the Student of deadlines & Exam dates and exam schedules.
  • It also send notifications regarding assignments instantly.
  • School events, festival and birthday greetings can also be sent to parents students.
  • Send Parents/ Employees Meeting Reminders.
  • It notifies the parents of the student’s progress.
  • It provides latest news update.
  • It notifies of the School Bus Timing Change.
  • It provides emergency holiday update.
  • It shows Fees pending status

Snippet to show how admin can send messages

Snippet to show how student/employee can see notifications

Go to for more information.

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