A Modern Day Challenge: Online Learning and Remote Teaching!

The Pandemic has forced the educational institutions of the country to shift their curriculum from in-person teaching to online teaching, which has demanded many teachers around the world to teach remotely. The rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on various digital platforms is the new normal. And thus the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed teaching and learning environment.

Due to nationwide lockdown, schools remain closed, meaning that students now have to access education through a device with internet connection. But online education is not that easy. Faculty gets acquainted with new ways of managing this sudden transition to online education.

USM helps to make this online learning a smooth process. To help educational institution with their employee meetings or online classes between teachers and students during this uncertain time, USM has come out with a solution using which the online learning, remote teaching and institute’s daily events can be managed effortlessly and efficiently.

How to Conduct Online Classes/Meeting in USM?

Zoom is an online platform which allows the user to connect with one or more than one person for a video or an audio call. It can be integrated to Ultimate School Manager which will then enable video calls, audio calls, conferences, meetings etc between teachers and students, or between school employees.


Integrate Zoom application into USM:

  • Go to Menu >> Collaboration >>  Meeting >> Integration
  • Add New Integration
  • Update Zoom API Key, Zoom API Secret and Zoom Webhook Token 
  • Save Changes.

To get an API Key and API secret. Go to https://marketplace.zoom.us sign in and click Build App. Use the JWT app and copy the credentials to setup a integration in USM.

How to schedule a zoom meeting or online class?

Zoom meeting in USM can be used for various purposes. It can be used for taking online classes as well as for meetings between employees.

  • Go to Menu >> Collaboration >>  Meeting >> Add New Meeting
  •  Fill the descriptions and details of the meeting and click on Create and Invite to create a meeting.
A host or admin can start the meeting by clicking on start

Benefits of Online Meeting/Classes in USM.

One of the most important advantage of doing online school activities with USM is that it is easily accessible.

A user only needs a device and internet connectivity. Anyone and everyone can attend online meeting/classes from the safe environment of their homes.

Increased attendance of students and employees is also a noticeable benefit of online meetings/classes. Attendees do not have to travel to attend a meeting that takes place online. This means that attending involves less commitment of time.

Attendees may also be able to drop in and out of the meeting, if they have other important matters to deal with.

Another advantage of online meetings/ classes is time-saving. Setting up an online meeting saves plenty of time. It can be considered as a method of time management to avoid commuting from one place to another.

Online meetings/classes can be organized at any time and in any location.

Snippet to show how student/employee can join zoom meeting

Go to https://usmsupport.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/36000247715 for more information and guidance.

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