Managing Assignments Is Not An Easy Task!

Why are assignments important in a learning process?

Assignments are an integral part of a learning process. Assignments develop a student’s critical and analytical skills. The assignments enable the students to see the purpose of their study and also direct them towards their goal. They also improve a student’s writing skill which is beneficial for a long run. Assignments help in the practice as well. They are means to go beyond what is taught in the class.

As a teacher, it is not acceptable to present everything to their students and pamper them. This behaviour harms the learning competencies of students, and thus education becomes meaningless to them. Assignments have proven its effectiveness and is a very powerful factor in student performance. Therefore, with the help of assignments and homework, students are expected to gain knowledge on their own. They are also a great means for teachers to assess students various skills as well as their levels of comprehension and knowledge.

How USM manages assignments?

For Teachers

When a teacher logs in to the USM’s account and want to issue assignments to the students, then he/she can do that efficiently. USM’s assignment management is well equipped and easy to operate.

  • After logging into your USM account go to My Subjects.
  • Set all the required filter such as Class, subject etc.
  • Add assignments for the students by clicking new assignment or the “+” symbol on th app.
  • Save and Publish.
Manage Assignment
Add new Assignment

For Students

When you login as a student

  • Click on the Assignment Option.
  • Access the list of assignments provided by the teacher.
  • Submit the assignment before the deadline.
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For more details go to

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