How to plan and manage Lessons Efficiently?

What is a Lesson Planner?

Lesson planning is essential to the process of teaching and learning. A lesson plan gives a detailed description of the lesson, which a Teacher teaches in a fixed duration. An effective Lesson Planner simplifies the work processes of the institute and automates tasks. It provides a definite objective for each day’s work. This eventually helps the teacher to organize and systematize the learning process. A lesson planner aims to provide what teachers and learners want to achieve in a lesson or a course. A lesson planner helps the teacher to evaluate his/her teaching and to compare it with set objectives. This evaluation will help you in achieving the set targets in a better way .

How does a Lesson Planner improve the learning process?

A Lesson Planner in USM can be managed by the administration as well as by the respective subject teachers. A teacher can plan his/her subject efficiently in the Lesson Planner for the academic year. Lesson planner allows the teacher to visualize. This visualization typically increases teacher success in the process. A lesson planner often describes what the teacher wants learners to be able to do by the end of a lesson. Lesson planner make teachers structure their lesson so that it flows coherently and covers the topics towards the objective. A thorough lesson plan inspires the teacher to improve further.

Benefits of managing lessons?

There are many benefits of a lesson planner. One of those is that a teacher will be able to finish a particular lesson in a limited time frame. A lesson planner works as a guide for the teacher in the classroom. It tells what to teach so that they can cover the entire lesson within a limited time frame. This will help him or her to make the students learn a better and precise manner. Another key benefit of lesson planner is that it can be saved and shared with the students. A student can access Lesson planner through his/her USM account . It also helps the teacher and the student to think in an organized manner.

How Ultimate School Manager helps in managing Lessons?

USM is well sufficient to deal with all the administrative challenges. It eases such challenges for the administration as well as for the students. The software accepts all the challenges of the modern times. It lets a teacher or the administration plan the class activities accordingly. USM enhances the learning process for students as well as for the teachers by introducing Lesson Planner, which can be accessed by teachers and the students by logging into their respective USM accounts.

The administration or teachers use USM’s Lesson planner to plan their subjects and the learning methods which eventually help the students to learn in a better and more efficient way. A Lesson Planner available under Manage Subject module in USM is easy to access and lets you plan your subject.

A lesson planner can be made according to the academic session, batch, class and subject. Later you can enter lesson details such as Lesson Name, Subject, duration etc. It also allows you to add topic details such as Name of the topic, start date and end date and also select the status of the lesson whether the topic is completed or is still under progress. A student can also see the status of the lesson in lesson planner. He/she can also download the pdf of the planner for his own

Admin/Subject Teacher View

Student View

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