Manage Online Examination During Covid Crisis

During this pandemic, the world must have stopped but the process of educating young minds is an ongoing process. The Covid Crisis did not affect the schools and colleges and their learning process. To walk hand in hand with the time, school and colleges moved their curriculum online. Classes and the other related activities are managed on various online platforms. This method promotes education with equity during lockdown for learning and teaching.

Examinations are an important part of a learning system. Covid-19 challenged the examination process of every educational institution in India. Schools and colleges either postponed the exams or opted for an alternate method for the evaluation of the students (assignments, quizzes etc).

But how could it support Examinations during such times? An online Examination system helps to overcome this hurdle.

In this article, we will see how Ultimate School Manager can help the educational institutions to manage their examinations online and in a broader picture how online examination is beneficiary for the schools and colleges and also for the students.


The ONLINE EXAMINATION SYSTEM help schools and colleges to organise exams during this pandemic or during such similar situations. It is a hassle free method. For online examinations, a student only needs a device such as a computer or a smart phone and a strong internet connectivity. He/she can be in any part of the world and still will be able to appear for his/her exams. This method is simple and effective now and beyond Covid.


Online examination is the new normal in the field of education. The system provides a secure way to conduct online examinations for multiple students at any point of time. The teachers are supposed to create a question paper for their respective subjects and upload it to the software. A question paper can be a multiple choice question (mcq) paper, a quiz or a descriptive question paper. This software provides multiple format for a question paper. The question paper is then uploaded and thousands of students can access it in a given time slot.

Securing the data of the students is one of the concern of Ultimate School Manager (USM). Its security feature enables to evaluate the performance of the students confidentially. It is safe and secure.

Ultimate School Manager’s Online Exam can be used by admins and teachers to create and manage online examinations and students can use it to participate in those examinations from their devices.

Ultimate School Manager provides internal as well as external examinations. Internal examinations are for the school staffs and students while external examinations are for the external candidates such as new job applicants or admission applicants.


With Ultimate School Manager one can conduct an online exam by going on the menu and clicking on the “Online Exam” icon and then selecting the “Manage Test” option. One can add a test by selecting “Add Test” option available on the right hand corner of the screen.

After selecting “Add Test” option, The following screen appears:

One can fill the details such as the “Test Name”, “Duration”, “Total Questions”, “Total Marks” etc given on the screen. Later questions are to be added to the test. By Selecting “Add Questions” on this screen will lead you to the next screen where you can add questions to your Test:-

The next step is to “Publish Test”. After adding questions, click on the “Publish Test” option. The next screen appears after selecting this:-

“Publish Test” enables to mention the dates and time of the exam. The test will automatically end when the duration of the test is over. After filling all the details, the test is ready to publish.


Once the test is published, a candidate can take the test from his place. A candidate needs to have an account in USM to give the test online. Once the candidate logs in to the Ultimate School Manager, the following screen appears:-

The candidate has to select the “Start Test” option available on the right side of the screen. On selecting the “Start Test” option a new screen appears before the candidate:-

The candidate can now take the test. The above screen mention the questions as well as the time left for the test to end. The test gets completed in the mentioned time and the candidate has to submit his test by selecting “Submit Test” option.


Once the candidate has submitted the test, a report card of the candidate is generated automatically. The following screen shows a “Online Test Report Details” of a candidate:-

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